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2020-2022 Integrated Modelling Analysis Suite


2022 Povezovalni vozliščni element = Multiple vertex joint adapter : patentna prijava št. P-201000325


2022 Oznaka CE in odgovornost dobaviteljev
2022 Simulations of COMPASS vertical displacement events with a self-consistent model for halo currents including neutrals and sheath boundary conditions
2022 Time-dependent boundary conditions during ELMs in ITER plasma
2022 Time-dependent behavior of a Debye sheath : lengthening and establishment of the stationary state
2022 Reassessing energy deposition for the ITER 5 MA vertical displacement event with an improved DINA model
2022 Time-dependent kinetic factors in ITER scrape-off-layer
2022 Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of runaway electron beam termination in JET
2022 First wall power flux management during plasma current ramp-up on ITER
2022 First wall energy deposition during vertical displacement events on ITER
2022 Validation of a real-time model-based approach for ITER first wall heat flux control on the TCV tokamak
2022 Testing of the new JOREK stellarator-capable model in the tokamak limit
2022 Modernization of the PIC codes for exascale plasma simulation
2022 Thermal quench and current profile relaxation dynamics in massive-material-injection-triggered tokamak disruptions
2022 The JOREK non-linear extended MHD code and applications to large-scale instabilities and their control in magnetically confined fusion plasmas
2022 Kinetic-fluid coupling simulations of ITER Type I ELM
2022 Kinetic-fluid coupling time-dependent simulations of ITERDuring ELMs
2022 Enhanced preconditioner for JOREK MHD solver
2022 Energy deposition and melt deformation on the ITER first wall due to disruptions and vertical displacement events
2022 Collisional-radiative non-equilibrium impurity treatment for JOREK simulations
2022 Assessment of plasma power deposition on the ITER ICRH antennas
2022 Post-processing for ITER scrape-off layer plasma simulations (SOLPS-ITER) in IMAS framework
2022 Comparing spontaneous and pellet-triggered ELMs via non-linear extended MHD simulations
2022 Particle-in-cell code for GPU systems
2022 Transition from no-ELM response to pellet ELM triggering during pedestal build-up : insights from extended MHD simulations
2022 Krmiljenje dvomotornega asinhronskega sklopa za testiranje življenske [!] dobe polimernih zobnikov = Control of coupled asynchronous drives for fatigue test rig of polymer gears
2022 Warm plasma-boundary properties
2022 Extension of the visualization capabilities within the european integrated tokamak modelling platform
2022 A unified analysis of plasma-sheath transition in the Tonks-Langmuir model with warm ion source
2022 3D tokamak Wall description within ITER Integrated Modelling and Analysis (IMAS) framework
2022 Debye-sheath properties in the Tonks-Langmuir discharge with warm neutrals
2022 Analytic properties of the sheath solution with warm ions
2022 Towards possible control of plasma outflow in fusion-relevant devices via employing virtual terminating surfaces
2022 Application of a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for cutting with particular stock
2022 Analytic solution to the plasma equation with warm ions
2022 Unified approach to visualizations within the european integrated tokamak modelling framework
2022 Ubiquitous curtain-wall assembly-support by mobile computing and total stationfirst
2022 Unified Bohm criterion
2022 Kinetic simulations of ITER scrape-off layer
2022 SMITER : a field-line tracing environment for ITER
2022 Parametric CAD model for free-form architectural design
2022 The ionization length in plasmas with finite temperature ion sources
2022 Extension of the Bissell-Johnson plasma-sheath model for application to fusion-relevant and general plasmas
2022 Implementation of 3-D effects of the ITER plasma-facing components in a 2-D real-time model-based approach for wall heat flux control on ITER
2022 Structure generation for free-form architectural design
2022 Mesh smoothing with global optimization under constraints
2022 Time-dependent kinetic theory of the plasma-wall transition layer in a weakly ionized plasma
2022 Global minimization of vertex height differences for freeform architectural design
2022 Theory of ion-matrix-sheath dynamics
2022 Simulacija in optimizacija vozliščnega izenačevanja virtualnih 3-D elementov za proste oblike strešnih konstrukcij
2022 Particle in cell simulations on the effects of electrically biased grid to the plasma parameters
2022 Segmentacija rentgenskih posnetkov obutve
2022 CAD data storage and access in IDAM
2022 SOLPS-ITER dashboard
2022 Extension of collisionless discharge models for application to fusion-relevant and general plasmas
2022 A new analytic solution to the collision-free plasma equation withwarm ions
2022 Towards a universal collision-free sheath solution with warm ions
2022 ITER plasma sheath characteristics during ELMs
2022 Thermodynamic plasma properties near the sheath edge in kinetic Tonks-Langmuir model with finite ion source temperatures
2022 Support structure optimization for freeform architectural design
2022 Euforia integrated visualization
2022 Complete plasma and sheath solution for Tonks-Langmuir models with warm ion sources
2022 Stability of the Tonks-Langmuir discharge pre-sheath
2022 Shape smoothing with feature preserving weighted filters
2022 Closure of the hierarchy of fluid equations by means of the polytropic-coefficient function (PCF)
2022 Ion-sound velocity at the plasma edge in fusion-relevant plasmas
2022 Towards 3D time dependent visualization within ITM-TF infrastructure
2022 Post-optimization of free-form support structures
2022 Potential profile near singularity point in kinetic Tonks-Langmuir discharges as a function of the ion sources temperature
2022 PIC kinetic modelling for ELM transport in the scrape-off layer
2022 Cutting optimization with variable-sized stock and inventory status data
2022 CAD model preparation in SMITER 3D field line tracing code
2022 SOLPS coupled fluid-kinetic modelling of hydrogen low power plasma in ITER Divertor
2022 Modelling the plasma-sheath boundary for plasmas with warm-ion sources
2022 EUFORIA : grid and high performance computing at the service of fusion modelling
2022 Rod cutting optimization with store utilization
2022 Ion-sound velocity at the plasma edge in fusion-relevant plasmas
2022 The shape of the potential profile near the boundary in the Tonks-Langmuir model for the case of finite ion-source temperature
2022 Analytic solution to the Bissell-Johnson model
2022 Computational aspects of simulations of early stages of a Townsend discharge
2022 Introduction to the theory and application of a unified Bohm criterion for arbitrary-ion-temperature collision-free plasmas with finite Debye lengths
2022 Experimental implementation of a real-time power flux estimator for the ITER first wall on the TCV tokamak
2022 The non-marginal Bohm condition in the collisionless plasma diode
2022 Visualization support for code development in EUROfusion Integrated modelling
2022 A system for footwear fitting analysis
2022 A framework for the assessment and control of ITER main chamber heat loads
2022 Comprehensive kinetic analysis of the plasma-wall transition layer in a strongly tilted magnetic field
2022 A CAD service for fusion physics codes
2022 Advanced visualization tools for EFDA Integrated Tokamak Modelling framework
2022 Time-dependent boundary conditions during type I ELM in ITER scrape-off-layer
2022 Integrated Tokamak Modelling with externally coupled core and edge transport codes
2022 The initial step towards JOREK integration in IMAS
2022 Interfacing of CAD models to a common fusion modelling grid description
2022 Visualization support with Kepler actors and visit UAL plugin within ITM advanced visualisation tools
2022 Visualisation of fusion related models stored in general grid description
2022 SMITER for IMAS
2022 Visualization schema for fusion data structures
2022 Global optimization of freeform support structures
2022 Stability of the pre-sheath in the Tonks-Langmuir discharge
2022 The European Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM) effort : achievements and first physics results
2022 Towards optimisation of gas discharge tubes
2022 Particle-in-cell simulation approach to gas discharge tube study
2022 Modeling and simulations of plasma and sheath edges in warm-ion collision-free discharges
2022 On universal properties of the plasma-sheath transition and large-size sheath structures
2022 Kinetic effects during ELMs in ITER scrape-off layer
2022 Sheath formation in front of a negative electrode close to plasma potential studied by PIC simulations
2022 Ionization front in a gas-filled diode during electrical breakdown
1998 Modeling CSG with superquadrics
1998 Analiza posnetkov CT in MRI
1997 Physically based relaxation of unstructured meshes
1997 Transfer of geometrical modeller data to NC machine
1990 Klasifikacija izdelka v CAD


2022 Inženirska grafika
2022 Laboratorijske vaje pri predmetu Konstrukcijske tehnike : delovni učbenik za laboratorijske vaje : MAG 1. letnik : magistrski študijski program druge stopnje Strojništvo - Razvojno raziskovalni program
2022 Konstrukcijske tehnike : zapiski s predavanj


2022 Extension of collisionless discharge models for application to fusion-relevant and general plasmas : dissertation
1995 Distribuirani sistem za upodabljanje tridimenzionalnih objektov = [Rendering on distributed systems] : magistrsko delo

Programska oprema

2022 PEG-PIC and PEG-TC simulation codes : a suite of plasma engineering R&D software
2022 Tremesh 1.1 : razvojno raziskovalni projekt
1995 Navidezni paralelni računalnik : programska oprema za izrabo mrežnih računalnikov
1995 Zasnova planetnih gonil : programska oprema za zsanovo planetnih gonil