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2022-2027 Decentralized solutions for the digitalization of industry and smart cities and communities
2021-2023 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness
2018-2021 E-learning Platform for Innovative Product Development
2017-2020 Capitals of Smart Product Development


2022 Comprehensive areal geometric quality characterisation of injection moulded thermoplastic gears
2022 Machine learning based nominal root stress calculation model for gears with a progressive curved path of contact
2022 A method for enhanced polymer spur gear inspection based on 3D optical metrology
2022 Evaluation of topology optimization and generative design tools as support for conceptual design
2022 Entrepreneurial mindset development in business and engineering education : an experiment
2022 Storyboards as an engineering tool for extraction of functional requirements
2022 Model-based geometric inspection of polymer spur gears
2022 Machine learning method for predicting the influence of scanning parameters on random measurement error
2022 Augmented reality aided inspection of gears
2022 Enhanced polymer gear inspection based on 3D optical metrology
2022 Novel alignment method for optical 3D gear metrology of spur gears with a plain borehole
2022 Evolution of communication skills in virtual product development process : experience from EGPR
2022 A software tool for testing algorithms for point cloud manipulation
2022 Accuracy prediction and optimization model in non-contact laser reverse engineering process
2022 Correlation between incident angle, measurement distance, object colour and the number of acquired points at CNC laser scanning
2022 Student creativity and motivation in educational process - case study
2022 Design education in virtual NPD environments
2022 Identification and optimization of key process parameters in noncontact laser scanning for reverse engineering
2022 Evropski študentski razvoj globalnega izdelka
2022 The influence of surface topology on the accuracy of laser triangulation scanning results = Vpliv topologije površine na natančnost meritev z laserskim triangulacijskim merilnikom oblike površin
2022 The impact of management on creativity and knowledge transfer in an academic virtual enterprise
2022 Bespoke innovation : filling the gap between the classic and user-centred open innovation
2022 Case study - surface reconstruction from point clouds for prosthesis production
2022 The influence of a company's strategy on creativity and project results in an NPD - case study
2022 Education of NPD in virtual multi-x environments
2022 A project-based approach to learning : comparative study of two disciplines
2022 A project-based approach to learning : comparative study of two disciplines
2022 Comparison of Indian and Central European shape contour meaning comprehension
2022 Use of MFF and concurrent engineering to develop a sustainable product : radical redesign of flushing system
2022 Prehod v celovito opredelitev CAD-modela (MBD)
2022 The future small home appliances as seen by the university students
2022 Surface reconstruction from point clouds for prosthesis production
2022 Process modeling of non-contact reverse engineering process
2022 Evaluation of "CODEVE" methodology for teaching NPD to virtual design teams
2022 Displaying product manufacturing information in augmented reality for inspection
2022 Correlation between team composition and team performance in virtual student product development teams
2022 A decade of project based design education : is there a future?
2022 Introduction of reverse engineering for students
2022 Mednarodni študentski projekt - EGPR 2011 v polnem teku
2022 Use of virtual mobility to facilitate modern project-based NPD education
2022 The influence of product complexity on team performance within NPD
2022 Introduction of methodology for distributed collaborative industryacademia project based learning
2022 Educating future product developers in collaborative product development : lessons learned from the European-Global Product Realization (E-GPR) international course
2022 The influence of incident angle, object colour and distance on CNC laser scanning
2022 Multicultural issues of product development education in virtual teams
2022 Design2go - how, yes, no?
2022 A new method for defining the measurement-uncertainty model of CNC laser-triangulation scanner
2022 Na Fakulteti za strojništvo razvijajo ideje za nove izdelke za slovensko industrijo
2022 Artefakti in vzvratno inženirstvo : predstavitev razvoja 3D-modela na primeru konjenika iz Vaške situle
2022 Analysis of implementation of MBD and STEP AP242 standard into modern CAD tools
2022 Industrial needs for modern engineering knowledge in central european region : survey results
2022 European student development of a global product
2022 Analiza in optimizacija ogrodja vakuumskih pritrdilnih elementov merilne naprave
2022 Development of methodology for distributed collaborative design environment
2022 Razvoj in optimizacija vitla za smučanje na vodi
2022 A concept of academia-industry collaboration to facilitate the building of technical and professional competencies in new product development
2022 Creative path to practical knowledge : case of a triple helix framework
2022 Razvoj in konstruiranje premikajočega podpornega sistema za merilno napravo z analizo ključnih elementov = Research and development of the moving support system for measuring equipment with the analysis of key elements
2022 Application of knowledge management system to injection mold design and manufacturing in small enterprises


2022 Laboratorijske vaje pri predmetu konstruiranje z nekovinskimi gradivi : delovni učbenik za laboratorijske vaje
2022 Gradivo za vaje pri predmetu : Snovanje in razvoj izdelka
2022 Advanced CAD modeling : explicit, parametric, free-form CAD and re-engineering


2022 Dejavniki za določanje geometrije teles na osnovi laserske triangulacije : doktorsko delo