Thermographic camera

The Flir T420 thermographic camera enables the measurement of temperature gradients of objects based on the infrared (IR) radiation they emit. The camera allows the measurement of a wide range of temperatures, time-dependent capture of point or surface areas, adjustment according to the emissivity of the material, WiFi connectivity, etc.
Main features:

  • Infrared resolution 320 x 240 - sharp thermal image for solid accuracy over long distances
  • Heat sensitivity <0.045 ° C helps to find potential heat sources faster and easier
  • Optimized for measuring temperatures in the range from -20 ° C to 650 ° C
  • Ability to automatically match the camera's field of view with the infrared field of view for optimized documentation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to send images and data from the camera to smartphones and tablets that have the FLIR Tools mobile app
  • Up to 5 box areas and 5 mobile locations for more detailed information
  • Built-in touch screen
  • InstantReport allows you to create a PDF document directly from the camera